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Debut Novel

Enisi The Bleu Realm
Map, Enisi The Bleu Realm

Enisi-The Bleu Realm / Science Fantasy / Family Saga

In a mystical woodland, cocooned in the Georgia Piedmont, an enslaved African and a Cherokee healer bind and sow their special seeds. The bound seeds grow into an intelligent, tree-like, superior being—ENISI.

As young Enisi evolves, his powers to protect and create are revealed to him. Protecting his forest and his human family, the Bleus, is honorable. But he finds creating life forms far more intriguing.

Over the next century, Enisi’s creative endeavors drive him to meddle in the genetics of others. 

Enisi’s deep-rooted ties with generations of Bleu women further complicate matters. He’s most beloved by snarky GenXer—Rhea Bleu, a natural-born plant lover. Their powerful bond stems from Rhea’s ancestor, the enslaved African. Together, they grow a garden paradise where Rhea’s creativity soars, her broken best friend takes refuge and Enisi creates his most complex life form.

Why is Rhea afraid this one may be a monster? Has Enisi’s desire to create overruled his power to protect? Do generations of Bleu women ignore Enisi’s uncanny experimentations because he empowers them to navigate through life’s grim lows and manifest its spectacular highs?

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