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Enisi-The Bleu Realm


"In her debut book, author Tracie Angela Greene delves into the milestone of history and blends it magnificently with Science Fiction, Spirituality, Culture, Love and Mystery. A deeply stellar debut with a touch of mythology and history.”

—Timothy, 2023

"I absolutely loved the book, the characters, the stories, the metaphysical nuances and so much more. For me, it was relatable and spoke my language. I actually miss reading it and am looking forward to the sequel and the screenplay." 

—Toshii, 2022

"A beautiful saga of one family's relationship to the land that has been in their family for generations. But this isn't just any land, there's magic within and an ancient spirit named Enisi who watches over the Bleu family and is fiercely loyal. Grab a cup of coffee, get cozy, and take a trip to Bountiful. It's a sweeping fantasy with Black and Indigenous people and I'm here for ALL of it!!"

—Audra, 2022

“I am convinced this needs to be made into a Netflix series. I'm currently reading it and I'm blown away by the creativity and imagination and I'm on the edge of my seat. It's nothing like I've ever read before!”

—MJ Pankey, 2022


“The author did a beautiful job of captivating your imagination. I found myself using my sense of sound, taste, smell, and feeling while reading this book. Each chapter left you wanting to find out how the next chapter will unfold; what secrets will be revealed. I look forward to a sequel.”

—JL1, 2022


“There is so much to say about Enisi, The Bleu Realm, debut novel by Tracie Angela Greene, I don’t even know where to start. I guess I will start with the beautiful cover art which set the mood for an adventure of a lifetime. I know easy comparisons are a dime a dozen when talking up a book, but truly and honestly Enisi, The Bleu Realm, is a superb, exciting, and astonishing.”

—Divine Rocker, 2022

“I finished reading Enisi - The Bleu Realm, this past weekend. It was a really good read as you venture into the Bleu family secrets, learning about green souls and of course the ever present bantering between, soulmates, family, and ancient horticultural beings. It was quite a journey as you respond to human tragedy, the importance of family, and soul sisters while nestled in the backdrop of the grand south where summers are hot, lemonade is refreshing, and cold watering holes are a blessing. Tracie, I really enjoyed your story's twists and turns while visiting the mystical valley. Like I said, it is a good read.”

—J B Abner, 2022

“I was swept away, captivated. Great characters… This one stayed with me well beyond the last pages of the book. I highly recommend!”

—Edward, 2021

“Just moments ago, I finished reading Chapter 8. As always—when I truly love a book, I will deliberately pace myself with slow-reading in an effort to make the experience last longer. I have to tell you that this is like nothing I've read before—and every word has been written to bring a story never told before by anyone.  Your book is filled with spirit, nature, heritage, and love in starring roles... This is a beautifully written Stunner! OMGoodness, Black, Native, and White Americans on the edge of Nature's control.”

—Brunella, 2021

“The imagination of this author is amazing. A must-read.”

—Elaine, 2021


“Green Souls!!! Intriguing storyline, wonderful energy, and great characters. Looking forward to her next book.”

—Wil, 2021


“First off I'm a reader of detective books so the subject matter of this novel is definitely off the grid for me. That being said I have to admit the writing kept me engaged and managed to draw me into the world created by the author. Although I considered the book to be a little long on dialog and short on the narrative, the dialog used by the characters was familiar and comforting and kept the story moving right along in a natural way. Overall I thought the book was very well written and I can't wait to turn the pages in the next chapters of Enisi.”

—LWG, 2021


"I love how there are exciting peaks throughout the story. All of the characters have their own personalities and that added excitement and mystery. It kept me intrigued and wanting more the entire time. I particularly love Shay! I think that what she went through is what a lot of girls/women go through every day and she provides a sense of hope and strength. I enjoyed Rhea and her family as well. Rhea is the friend we all pray for. I enjoyed ALL of the characters!"  

—Brittney, 2020


"There are some synchronicities in it that I know were divinely orchestrated for me to be reading at this time. Thank you. Its messages are a timely gift for me as I know it will be for others... Blessings & Love, Zyn"   

—Zynzelay, 2020

​"Insightful and I loved growing with the characters and feeling a connection to the family. It was an exciting fantasy world that was whimsical and bordered on reality. The twists and turns kept me intrigued and wanting more. Once I started, I couldn't put it down, the ultimate page-turner and I never got bored. Some of the moments were intense and diabolical with a hint of mysticism and a splash of science. Glad to finally read something that doesn’t dumb down everything. I enjoyed that the world was relatable. Moreover, I felt like being uniquely me never mattered more until Rhea came along." 

—Natalia, 2020

​"As a professional courtesy, I want to offer you some feedback on the work. First, the plot and premise of this novel is truly unique and I hope that whatever ups and downs you experience in the writing of this work you stick with it because I truly believe you have something here that is ambitious, innovative and has the potential to be quite an astonishing (in a good way) read."

—Autumn, 2019

Enisi The Bleu Realm

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